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Education sector/State schools occupational health(disease related) claims data set

Kia Ora, I'm a student researching occupational disease incidents and claims made by state schools such that not enough data is available to draw any relevant research findings. kindly, help if possible. Thanks, Sheril Mittal

Schools and education sector OHS data is often limited to Occupational safety where occupational health is equally at risk for teaching/non-teaching staff and more can be achieved if the spotlight is on this undercover risk factor. More research and intervention strategies may be worked on and implemented if transparency in health data relating to a relatively less explored industry is made avaialble.

Gaps in research and relevant data could be reduced.

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

Dataset submitted

Please refer to for the data uploaded.

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  • Sasha Wood (Accident Compensation Corporation)

    ACC can provide data on injuries to all staff at schools but we do not have a way of identifying which are from state schools. Therefore ,we cannot answer your query. Please advise us at by 6 April 2021 if you would like to receive ACC data on injuries to staff (not just teachers) at schools.