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All postcodes

All Post Codes of New Zealand along with Suburb, State and Geo Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) if possible in csv format

One of Clients in Medical Sector collect information from the people who get vaccinations from them via a online form. With that information we have address details as well and since we need to list down New Zealand postcodes so that user can select the postcode, suburb, and state instead of manually type them.

With this data we can do one time import in our system and list down the suburbs in online form so users can select from that instead type those details manually


  • Meenakshi

    Could you please share this info (Postcode to latitude, longitude mapping for New Zealand) as it will be helpful for some analysis I am working on

  • Mat King

    Need all NZ postcodes with suburbs if possible please

  • Christine W

    Data would be urgently needed

  • Poppy Morison

    Data request please

  • Jeroen van Loon

    Data request please

  • Joshua Campbell

    Data request please

  • Lynn Nolan

    Data request for NZ Postcodes please

  • Flynn Owen

    Data request please

  • Guy Mauvis

    Data request please