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Statistics on chronic pain in NZ

I would like to request data from the Ministry of Health and/or ACC on chronic/persistent pain prevalence in NZ. e.g. number of people/proportion of the population living with chronic pain (plus Māori and non-Māori numbers), number of pain management services ACC deliver, cost of chronic pain conditions to the health system and/or ACC.

Informing research on pain management therapy

Response from
Ministry of Health

Request received

Hi Khanh, You can find information about chronic pain prevalence in New Zealand from the NZ Health Survey, here: Please let us know if you require additional information by emailing Regards, Ministry of Health.


  • Evania Vallyon

    Hi there,
    I have been looking through the current 2020/21 Annual Data Explorer, however cannot find the topic of chronic pain. Was it not included in latest data set?
    Have also been attempting to find the data from the 2019/20 survey as recall that it provided data on the prevalence of chronic pain in New Zealand. Is this data readily available?

  • Khanh Nguyen

    I would like to request this data for my research at University