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Request for base station information throughout New Zealand

I am trying to gather data for all mobile base station sites including; (1) location (Latitude&Longitude), (2) height of tower or radiation centers of antennas Height above average ground level, (3) frequency blocks in use, (4) operator name. Ideally, I am also hoping to get transmit azimuth, tilt and transmit power and air interface in use. I realize that this is asking for a lot, but I've been very impressed in the past with how transparent the NZ public records are, and hope these may be as well.

I am doing an analysis of radio interference potential for a mobile LEO satellite system using cellular frequency bands to expand coverage throughout rural ares of New Zealand, and rather than analyze a hypothetical network, I hope to use actual network coverage in mountainous and at sea.

My consultancy will examine the expectedly low interference potential and present and how coverage through LEO satellite can expand and extend coverage without hurting capacity noticeably.

Radio Spectrum Management

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