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New Zealand Gun crime numbers by electorate from 2009 - 2020

A CSV dataset showing the number of gun crimes (including incidents where guns were brandished to threaten, but not used to cause harm , to Police personnel and the public) by region , from 2009 - 2020. This would be most useful as a CSV file that can be visualised using Python Pandas or Microsoft Power BI. Year Month Day Electorate Number of victims Number of perpetrators Physical Harm to victim(s) by gun (Y/N) Death by gun (Y/N) Perpetrator Licensed to own a gun (Y/N)

Visualizing this data for the public, to see if the gun law amendments made since 2009 have had any effect on the incidence of gun crime in New Zealand, and create a framework based on reality, for future gun control laws.

Giving numbers and trends that would, hopefully, drive a logical conversation around the issue of gun control and changes to klaws that would actually protect our front line Police personnel and innocent shop keepers.

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