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Aerodrome coordinates as csv or geospatial data format

I'd like to be able to add aerodromes to my basemap for civil defence planning purposes, but I imagine there could be many other ways of reusing this data. I strongly believe that data should originate directly from the agency responsible so it can be deemed authoritative. Currently the fields available include: Aerodrome Name, Type, ICAO Code, Remarks, Latitude, Longitude Other fields such as runway surface and length, and air navigation systems would make this data extremely valuable.

Currently CAA publish a pdf list of aerodromes and their latitude and longitude. A csv file would be much easier data to handle, because It can drop that directly into any mapping system.

Ensuring that the aerodromes shown on a variety of maps are actually registered aerodromes, and not the myriad of top dressing strips shown on topo maps.

Response from
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

Preparing data for release

Have the CSV ready to go.


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