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Wheelie Ltd - Motor Vehicle Register - API Access

We are a Wellington Startup focussed on building a software solution that helps New Zealand motorists manage their vehicle data more effectively though the development of a vehicle - digital service log. This log would contain vehicle servicing information, purchased part data and ownership transfer information. We require access to vehicle registration information via an API - either in JSON or XML or SOAP format. If you can return vehicle information via an endpoint & numberplate lookup - it would be ideal.

Validating that a vehicle number plate matches the description of a certain motor vehicle. We can then use this data to help build reliable information about vehicle servicing, repairs and transfers.

Validating that the vehicle is a real vehicle - and that the number plate matches the vehicle description.

Response from
NZ Transport Agency

Data not available for release

The information you have requested is not currently available via an API. Vehicle registration information is available to approved organisations via Motochek. More information about Motochek is available here

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