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Public artworks in Dunedin

I would like a spreadsheet of all public artworks in Dunedin please, including where/if possible: name of artwork, artist, date of creation, coordinate location, image, type of artwork, who or what is depicted. Spreadsheet or CSV format please. Artwork includes murals, sculptures, statues, memorials, plaques etc.

I would like to put this data on Wikidata, so that it is possible to see who our public artworks represent (for instance, how many statues of women do we have? how many memorial plaques do we have?), where they are located and make sure we have images of as many as possible in Wikimedia commons. Currently there is very little information in Wikidata about public artworks, statues, murals etc in New Zealand, either what they are, who made them, or who they represent.

Enabling the creation of maps of public artwork for the Dunedin City area, as well as analysis of who is represented by our public artwork.

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