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Mobility scooter injuries

Hi, I would like to know the accident rate amongst the elderly using mobility scooters. Do you have any stats around this? Types of injuries and or severity. 70 plus year olds.

Potential risk associated with the elderly using mobility scooters.

determining the risk associated with mobile scooters used in public by over 70's - 90's

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation


Kia ora Please find the link below to the information as per your request. I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions about this response, please contact my team at Link to data: Yours sincerely Analytics & Reporting, ACC


  • Analytics & Reporting, ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation)

    Kia ora Belinda, the dataset we provided in response to this question is available at This includes the types of injuries people have claimed for. We don't hold any data about usage rates. If you have more specific questions about the data, or if you would like to make a request for different information, please email us at

  • Belinda Banks

    I too would like an answer to these questions after being struck by an elderly man driving a mobility scooter. What are the rates of usage compared with accident please? Claimed injuries through ACC and types of injuries and causes. A fault of mobility scooters is their instability on rough terrain like uneven curbs and their ability to tip over, which I suspect would be the cause of a number of ACC claims