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Electric Vehicle Charging Location in NZ

EV charging location including amount and type of charging device. Both commercial or complementary device by Non-profit Organization. Opening hour(if any).

many people who want to purchase a EV are hesitated on location or the number of charging device. Having this data does not only help data analyst in EV industry and also mobile app developer to develop app to help EV driver to find charging device.

Creating a complete planning on making EV and EV charger more common all around NZ. E.g. Taxation Advantage on EV seller, EV charging device provider, consumer who purchase and use EV, funding on building up more environmental friendly EV charging station, EV charging parking slot.
This complete EV scheme should also ease our pain on relying on oil prices, air pollution and pollution related health issue in long run. This can also create more job opportunity on building a sophisticated EV charging network.

Response from
NZ Transport Agency

Different agency responsible

Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) holds this information.


  • aimee whitcroft (Waka Kotahi)

    Kia ora :) While we investigate publishing this as open data, we have hte data ready to send to you. Could you please email us at Thank you :) Warm regards, the open data team

  • Zhihao Song

    Do you have the CSV data of the charge stations?

  • Kathryn Symons (NZ Transport Agency)

    Thank you for your question regarding the locations of EV charging devices. I am delighted to confirm that this information is publicly available on our website:

    From here there are links to two maps:

    If you need any further information you will find contact details and a range of other information at the first link.