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Hospitals and Primary Health Care Providers Shapefile

Location of private and public hospitals and primary health care providers. Include contact details. Provide as shapefile dataset.

Where are New Zealand hospitals and primary health care providers?

Aiding in the spatial analysis around accessibility to healthcare.

Response from
Ministry of Health

More information required about request

We have all public hospital sites by X and Y coordinates. The addresses of these hospitals are also on the Ministry of Health Website. The issue here is defining what is meant by a hospital. Many hospitals have different functions and it would not be apprpriate to lump all of them together. The simplest dataset to release would be all Accident and Emergency sites.

We do not currently have the addresses and locations of all private hospitals, however these could be found by doing a google search.

In terms of General practioners we do have sites by X and Y coordinates and this could be released, I will look into whether I can do this. I don't see why it would be a problem as again all the addresses of GPs could be found by conducting a google search 

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