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Mortality: Historical summary of the past 18 months (up to and inclusive of May 2020)

Tables that contain mortality data (numbers and age-standardised rates) by sex for certain causes of death for the past 18 months (up to an inclusive of May 2020). Causes of death included are: COVID-19; Total cancer; Ischaemic heart disease; Cerebrovascular disease; Chronic lower respiratory diseases; Other forms of heart disease; Pneumonia and influenza; Diabetes; Motor vehicle accidents; Intentional self-harm; Assault; Total deaths Format requested is similar to existing "Mortality: Historical Summary" datasets.

The need for additional and deeper analytics around the Government's response to COVID-19, specifically how lockdown and social distancing measures impacted broader mortality rates within the community when compared to previous months, and whether these measures had a statistically relevant impact (net positive or negative) on these causes and / or rates.

Providing sufficient data to enable analysis between prior periods and understand how mortality rates for common causes of death (e.g. pneumonia, normal influenza) were affected (e.g. net increase or decrease in mortality rates) when compared between the periods of lockdown and social distancing versus similar previous periods.

Response from
Ministry of Health

Data does not exist

We'd expect preliminary 2020 cause of death data to become available in December 2022.

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