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GLN Business Location Data

GLN is used to identify businesses for the NZ Covid Tracer app. This data is created and held by MBIE via business connect. The number is not available to the business owner other than in the form of a PDF containing a QR code with base64 encoded JSON.

Currently there is a fragmented set of solutions for solving the business side of Covid-19 contact tracing requirements. NZ Govt requires businesses to collect a register of visitors and many businesses have used one of the many free or commercial solutions which facilitate this via a QR code. As the Covid-19 Contact Tracing app doesn't meet the need of the business, we have an awkward situation where businesses now need two posters and most end users have no idea what to do. This results in poor data collection outcomes, ultimately a worse situation than having just the one QR code poster prior to release of the app. Additionally, this location data could be used by courier businesses, retailers, loyalty programmes etc to help in other applications

Allowing 3rd party QR poster creators to include the QR code and create posters which make the solution a bit easier for end users. Contact tracing solution providers could make QR codes which the NZ Covid Tracer app can use also. Updating the standard to allow flexible URL prefixes in the standard would also make interoperability work both ways. This feedback has been provided to MoH. Related standard is here:

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