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Plunket Breastfeeding Data

The data behind this publication: It would be useful to have it by DHB, number of weeks, type of breastfeeding (exclusive, full, partial, etc), ethnicity, by year and have this updated annually (ie, there would now be a 2011 data point).

The National Strategic Plan of Action for Breastfeeding goes until 2012, opening the data would allow further monitoring of the targets and inform whether further action needs to be taken.$File/breastfeeding-action-plan.pdf

Allowing the data to be monitored.

Response from

Request received

Thank you for your request.  Please note that Plunket is a non-government organisation, and at different times we do share information, however this is only able to be done when resources allow.

The report you mention is the first time we have put such information on our website.  People wishing to access more detailed information can approach Plunket directly for this, however we need to be aware of the purpose for which the information is to be used and there is a cost involved which varies dependent on the what information is required.  All information needs to have context put around it, and the person using it needs to understand how it was collected and the constraints around that information

Due to our current information system it takes 2-3 months from the end of the year, before we can run such reports, then there needs to be an analysis of the information and context needs to be added before any of the information can be used.  Key information is provided to the Ministry of Health for reporting and monitoring purposes.


Brenda Hynes

Manager Information Development

Royal New Zealand Plunket Society

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