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top baby surnames for 2019

A list or spreadsheet of the top 10 baby surnames for 2019.

New Zealand students can learn more about Aotearoa's growing diversity.

We are currently developing a cultural diversity teaching resource for NZ schools. We would like to use the list of top baby surnames for 2019 as an introductory activity to increase student's knowledge and awareness of the growing diversity in New Zealand, especially in relation to our changing demographics and growth in Asian population.

I have looked online for this data, but can only find Radio NZ and Stuff articles. It would be a valuable learning experience for students to be able to engage with this data.

Response from
Department of Internal Affairs

Dataset submitted

The requested statistics were provided to Yasheeka as a short embedded table in a letter. The Department is considering whether related information may be made available on its website and will then link the information here at that time.

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  • Yasheeka Bertram (Requester)

    Hi there, just following up on my data request. My request is related to an article about the top baby surnames for 2019.
    It would be great to use a list of the top 10 or 20 baby surnames nationally, and for the Auckland region.
    Many thanks,