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Occupational health

Data relating to occupational illness in NZ - by industry sectors

Research to identify claims for latent effects of exposure to chemicals in the workplace; noise induced hearing loss; gradual process claims.

Peter Jones

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

More information required about request

This request has been referred to ACC. Could the requester please clarify what specific information they are seeking. And what specific industries he is interested in. ACC can provide claim data for work-related injuries for poisoning, noise induced hearing loss and gradual process. We would require a time period for this data. An alternative is, the requester can apply to ACC's Ethics Panel for assistance with his research project. The Panel Secretariat can be emailed directly at Once we get clarification we can proceed with the request. Regards Sasha Wood Acting OIA Manager

1 Comment

  • Peter Jones (Requester)

    Thanks - I would appreciate being sent this data. I don't seem to be able to download it.