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Injuries related to flooding

Are you able to provide your most recent ACC statistics regarding claims related to flooding in NZ? i.e How many claims were made in 2019? How many claims were made in 2019 compared to previous years?

examining current flood risk to New Zealanders and how that might look in the future, especially in the face of climate change and increasing extreme weather events

providing the information necessary to advise both the public and companies on how best to proceed in the face of rising flood risk

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

Data not available for release

ACC does not collect data that indicates whether the claim occurred due to flooding. There is a free-text field ‘accident description’ on the form where a person can provide a brief description of how their accident happened. This field is not mandatory to complete and not every client does so. Also, when the field is completed there is considerable variation in the way accidents are described, which can lead to variation in how the cause or result of an accident is recorded. Claims lodged due to flooding may be included on some individual claims, but these would need to be manually searched to identify it. Therefore, I am refusing your request under section 18(f) of the Official Information Act, as the information requested cannot be made available without substantial collation or research. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

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