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Marine biotoxins monitoring data

data on the presence and blooms of the dinoflagellate Alexandrium sp. data on paralytic-shellfish-poisoning (PSP) toxins (saxitoxin, neasaxitoxin, gonyautoxin 1-4 and gonyautoxin 2-3) from the first records to 2020. data on the PSP warnings released by the MPI, the area they covered and the lenght of the warning. data on the duration o f the blooms of Alexandrium sp or other PSP-blooms

This data will be used for research purposes. This data correlated to local environmental conditions could provide a model to predict large scale PSP-blooms that will affect New Zealand aquaculture industry, recreational, customary and culturally harvest of shellfish

The data will be used to show how PSP-blooms have been evolving, their frequency patterns, and how they are correlated with temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients and other environmental variables to build a predictive model with the expected change in environmental conditions and climate for the next 10 years

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