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Number of Individuals entitled to a tax refund

The IRD collects taxes on behalf of ACC but due to the specifications of how Earner Premium is calculated there must be a large number of tax payers who are overtaxed each year. We would like to know the numbers of people who are entitled to tax refunds based on what tax type they have been overcharged, for example, Earner Levy etc. It would also be worth knowing how many apply for a Tax Refund and the value of the Refunds and Overtax been collected.

It would allow us to prepare a document to submit to the IRD in respect to their Payroll Specifications so that over-taxing is stopped at source rather than there been a requirement to claim for a refund, which I'm sure many don't.

Providing proof to the IRD that their specifications are flawed.

Response from
Inland Revenue Department


The request for information about the number of people who are entitled to a tax refund based on tax type, how many people apply for a tax refund, and the value of the refunds made, is very broad in its scope.

Like all requests, Inland Revenue needs to consider the request in respect to the tax secrecy provisions in the Tax Administration Act.

The request is for non-personal data, but even anonymised information held by Inland Revenue is tax secret and the relevant disclosure tests have to be applied. The application tests, including consideration if information released to the data.govt site will become publicly available, is likely to result in only limited aspects of the requested information being released.

Inland Revenue would prefer to manage the request directly with the individual concerned as a request for official information.

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