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Average expense per claim by injury type in last 12 months

Wanting to receive the data on average expense to ACC per claim by injury type in last 12 months. Acc expense per claim by injury type. Injury type would refer to the actual condition that a patient suffered as a result of being injured and for which they were diagnosed by a health professional. For example, grade 2 MCL tear. It would be preferable that the information be presented in raw data format in the form of an excel spreadsheet or similar program. Alternatively, if there is an internal ACC report that outlines this information o would be happy to receive a copy of such report(s).

understanding the wider cost to state funded health care insurance based on a per injury basis over a 12 month period.

Making the information available in a workable format.

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

Dataset submitted

Please refer to for the data uploaded.


  • Gerard Jull

    i would like to see this to help improve our claims for the next 12 months.

  • Isaac Beach (Requester)


    you can download the information by copy and pasting the link:

    It will take you to the information I requested ACC to upload and make publicly available.

  • Brooke Craig

    I require this data for a project I am working on