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Health prosthesis data

I am a PhD student researching implantable medical devices. I am compiling empirical datasets on the rate of device failure and the cost to governments taking into account compensation claims following the failure of a prosthesis and the revision surgery. I would be grateful to receive all data that you have on: 1. Surgical procedures concerning revision of prosthesis. 2. funds expended by the New Zealand government on revision surgery, and 3. All compensation claims made with respect to revision procedures. I would be grateful to receive this data in an excel or csv format, ideally with type of prosthesis, year of implantation, year of revision, date of claim, cost of surgery.

I have collated data from the FDA and the TGA. I would like to add to this dataset to make it more robust and reliable and to support the thesis. This dataset as a whole will assist governments to determine: types of prosthesis that have evidence of efficacy, and to make appropriate decisions about funding prosthesis through the public system. It will also assist governments to determine whether a device was faulty and to recoup expended funds from manufacturers.

Making a larger dataset form part of the research.

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