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Property transfer sales data

I would like to request that the data showing the sales price and date of property in NZ be made publicly available. This data should be accompanied with an identifier to link the data with Linz section or address data. The data does not need to have any personal identifiable information such as seller or buyer information. Only the property, price and date is required.

Housing crisis and affordability of homes through better data insight and planning.
Opening this data will allow small companies and researchers to develop products or reports to identify property growth areas, property predictions, city planning research etc. This will help make property more affordable, predictable and available. Innovative young companies can come up with new ideas to help solve the housing problem and also help new home buyers make better choices on where to look for a home.

If the data is available then the building of new homes, or maintenance of older homes can be done more accurately which will reduce risk and failure of new home buyers, home building companies and planning.

Jack Reyneke

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