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Registered and Unregistered Dog Numbers in NZ

Provide statistical information on registered and estimated unregistered dog numbers in NZ (current numbers back 10 yrs). Numbers of animals euthanised by Animal Agencies required to report this information. To be broken down by breed and Council (to show breed trends and locations).

Lack of reliable information and information available to anyone. Educating the public on the rapidly increasing dog population in NZ. To educate the public on the proper animal ownership by showing the result of a lack of it.

Response from
Department of Internal Affairs

Investigating options

The National Dog Database (NDD) is administered by an external party (the National System Administrator - NSA). The NDD data is received from territorial authorities (local councils) throughout New Zealand.

Information held on the NDD, that could identify a dog owner or dog, is not available to the Department. However, the NSA does provide monthly statistical reports to the Department that include the number of registered dogs by breed and within each district. The Dog Control Act 1996 stipulates that this information is to be used by the Department "...for the purpose of evaluating dog control policy in New Zealand".

The accuracy of the information held on the NDD is limited to the integrity of the data uploaded to it by territorial authorities. Registered dog statistics would be more meaningful if released to the public annually rather than monthly. There are no statistics for unregistered dogs.

We need to look further into the implications of releasing the raw NDD generated statistical reports, as the information is not entirely reliable, and whether the intention of the Dog Control Act would support releasing the NDD statistics.

Alan Hardy, Team Leader, Local Government Operations

ext. 5395

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  • Anita Shea


    I am giving a talk to vets on epilepsy in dogs (tomorrow!) and was wondering whether it would please be possible to obtain figures for the number of registered dogs in NZ. The information would be used to work out the estimated no. of NZ dogs with epilepsy based on published estimates of the condition in the dog population.

    I'm very sorry for the last minute request and fully understand if it is not possible to obtain this information in such a short space of time. Thank you for any help that you can provide.