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List of NCEA Achievement and Unit Standards

A list of NCEA assessments available for the current year. This would include the amount of credits for the assessment, level, whether it's Internal or External, a link to the PDF/DOC version of the standard, and if the standard is an Achievement or Unit standard.

Students not being able to access specific resources for their assessments due to the confusing layout of the NZQA website.

Allowing developers to design better and easier to use methods of accessing NCEA assessment information for secondary school students.

Response from
New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Dataset submitted

The list of standards is now available:


  • Kiimatangiroa junior Samuel

    Hi try to login having trouble logging

  • Natalie (Requester)

    Thank you NZQA! Most appreciated.

  • Andrew Corney

    I would also like to request a downloadable list of standards. This would make it easier for a teacher of students completing project based learning in the senior school. Similar to this site:

    However, this is based on Standards from the above mentioned OIA so is 5 years old.

  • Natalie

    I would also like to request a downloadable list of Unit Standards, as I am currently using a 2015 version that was requested by a different person via an OIA:

    The use case is, where a large number of employees/colleagues have provided their Records of Learning, I would like to be able to streamline data entry/verification/analysis by having a database of all available relevant standards to do an automatic lookup. Currently for each field I have to go and separately look up each field on the NZQA website four times (once for for each level) as it is not possible to extract a consolidated list from the NZQA website.

    Rather than doing another OIA to get updated data it would be good to have this information publicly available via

    Thank you for your assistance with this.