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Vaccine Injury compensation

I would like to know the total number of claims both declined and accepted by acc since acc was established, as well as the total moneys paid out to successful claimants.

Providing evidence that our government agency looks after those negatively effected by vaccines, to boost confidence in vaccinating.

Providing assurance to parents hestitant to vaccinate for fear of injury.

Kayla French-Wilkinson

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

Request received

Kia ora Kayla, Thank you for your data request of 30 August 2019 asking for information about Vaccine Injury compensation. ACC is working on your request and will be in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, we shall be happy to work with you to resolve them. We can be contacted via email at Ngā mihi, Emma Coats


  • Michelle

    I would like this information too please

  • Alissa

    This would be extremely helpful and reassuring for parents to know

  • Isla Kaihe

    I would like this information too please

  • Kari Shadwell

    This would be very useful for all parents researching vacines for their children.

  • Kelly Weston

    This is an absolute necessity for all informed parents to read.

  • Sharon Elsworth

    I agree that transparency is good for all concerned.

  • Theresa

    Be interesting to know this information