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Northland Nga Whenua Rahui Covenants

As part of our Far North District Council district plan activities, we would like to add spatial data to our esri platform regarding Nga Whenua Rahui Covenants. One of our Policy Planners has advised that there are around 17 sites in our district - we have a list, but no spatial datasets. I have looked at the DoC site, and can only see datasets relating to birds. The MfE site states: "mapped (digital) QEII National Trust, [The QEII data excludes 505 covenants approved but awaiting registration, equalling 18,724 ha. Only registered and surveyed QEII covenants were included.] Nga Whenua Rahui and DoC data [These datasets (DoC covenants and Nga Whenua Rahui covenants) are not complete nationally.] for covenants on private land and protected areas on public conservation land managed by DoC."

If we are unable to source this data we may have to assess a manual collation activity, which would place strain on our resources, as we are a small district council.

Ellen Bennett

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