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Updated School Enrolment Zones Geocoordinates

The most recently available data set of school zones for New Zealand is from 2010, which is almost 10 years out of date now. It does not reflect upon the significant changes that have occurred within New Zealand (especially Christchurch) over the last decade. Many other school related data sources have been kept up to date and publicly available, but not school zones. has access to some description of updated data set (as there is mention of 2019 enrolment zones), but this information is not accessible on any of the government open data sites.

Unnecessarily restricting access to public data which impacts and has value to normal New Zealanders. Not having an up to date data set of school zones geocoordinates for researchers, schools, families to make informed decisions about the schooling system, as well as allow for the development of better research and analysis tools by and for the general public.

Having open and transparent insight into the changes of our school enrolment zones, which we currently do not, as the data set is almost a decade out of date.

Response from
Ministry of Education

Different agency responsible

Good morning, this request should be sent to the Ministry of Education. ENZ is New Zealand’s government agency for building international education. We promote New Zealand as a study destination and support the delivery of education services offshore.

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