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NZ boyracing statistics

I'd like to know if this statistic has continued "Police Minister Anne Tolley says illegal street racing offences have fallen by 35 per cent since" since 2013. Because I am researching the causes and consequences of boy racing in New Zealand, and i'd like to know if her claims have continued into the 2019 calendar year. PDF

Complete my info literacy NCEA level 2 standard 2.8

Giving me the info i request

Response from
Auckland Transport


Kia ora , We've now reviewed the details of your case (case number CAS-884049-T2X7G7) Thank you for reaching out in relation to NZ boyracing statistics. Please submit an Official Information Request using the following link . For more details, access the full Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act. Thanks for getting in touch We've now closed your case. Ngā mihi, Luis  Senior Customer Care Representative  Auckland Transport 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland 1010

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  • Levy Alia

    For study purposes, can I please request statistics from 2010 to 2020 about boy racing offences.