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NZ Localities

Datasets managed and maintained by the New Zealand Fire Service that related to 'localities' e.g. cities and towns, as well as suburbs and other means of identifying location. The data is currently available for free under restrictive license terms. All that is needed is a change in licensing to support the release of NZ Localities under a license compatible with the NZ GOAL framework.

Other than the Statistics NZ Digital Boundaries (regions, TAs, mesh blocks, census area units) there are no commonly defined units like suburbs, cities and towns. This has many geospatial applications for business, non-profits, and even recreational uses.

The NZ Localities dataset is partially open, but its use limited under a restrictive license. All that is being asked is for the license to be changed to a Creative Commons license that is compatible with NZ GOAL.

Response from
New Zealand Fire Service Commission

Request received

Fire and Emergency NZ Localities dataset is now available on the LINZ Data Service for reuse under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 Licence


  • Matt (New Zealand Fire Service Commission)

    Hi Gregg

    No idea sorry. However under the new CC licensing any contributor would be free to add NZ Localities to Open Street Map.


  • Gregg

    This is great. Do you know when it might be pushed to OSM? It currently only has regions.

  • Jay

    @Hamish, I can confirm this is available now

  • Hamish

    Anyone know if "the process is completed"?