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Women in Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workforce

Proportion of people working in stem related job or studying it split up into gender. Proportions over time, to see how the number of women in stem related jobs or tertiary studies have changed over time compared to men. The proportion of women in stem jobs/tertiary study in Nz compared globally in the different countries.

Women are still majoring underrepresented in the STEM workforce so by opening this data we can see how this is changing over time. We can analyse this data and see how Nz is doing compared to other countries, what factors are influencing this proportion and how can we increase this proportion.

For example will investing in education etc make an impact on this proportion?

What are other counties with a higher proportion than Nz doing that we can do to increase the proportion of women going into Stem related job/ research and tertiary studies. Can we relate this to the gender gap?

Jayde Lee

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