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Transport Entitlement Zones

As above, transport entitlement zones for schools in the Hauraki / Waikato / Coromandel / Bay of Plenty regions

Schools trying to work out their TEZ's

allowing them to access the TEZ's themselves

Response from
Ministry of Education

Data not suitable for release

Thanks for request about school Transport Eligibility Zones (TEZ). The Ministry of Education does not maintain physical TEZ maps for all schools as not all schools have students receiving school transport assistanc, eg; urban Hamilton schools’ TEZ maps generally don’t exist as there are no eligible students due to suitable public transport being available. Any TEZ maps in existence are held by the Ministry and the applicable schools. The dataset itself is unwieldy and the methodology used now in our route optimisation and student eligibility checking works off calculating the distance to the closest school the student can attend rather than referring to TEZ maps. We are also currently designing an eligibility calculator for use online which will make TEZs redundant. We recommend the best option for any requests to be sent to the Ministry of Education's school transport team directly where we can help with the specific enquiry.


  • Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education)

    Kia ora @Sherry vanaswegen

    Please see: for information on when students are eligible for school transport assistance when not attending their nearest state school. If you would like to discuss you particular circumstances, please contact the School Transport Group at the Ministry of Education on the following email address:

  • Sherry vanaswegen

    Could I please get clarification on my right to receive transport if I don’t attend the local school?

  • Carol-Lynn Hill

    Please can you share the Transport Entitlement Zone maps link. I am unable to find them.

  • Amie Drnasin

    Hi there

    Can you please point me to the legislation that stipulates TEZ and the requirement of dispensations ?

    Also please advise why In a user pays society, we are required to pay for a service AND seek dispensation?? But cannot have one without the other. I don't mind paying but asking for permission and paying is antiquated.

    A swift response would be appreciated
    Thank you

  • Maria Hamill

    Can you clarify why after 55 years, last year Term 4 2018 our families consisting of 21 students are now having to pay for a bus serviced for tamariki to attend Ngaruawahia Primary School. In 1964 the agreement between the South Auckland education Board and the Ngaruawahia School committee confirmed that Ngaruawahia School was designated school for families living in Hopuhopu. Why and on what grounds did this agreement become invalid after so many decades?

  • Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education)

    Hello, if you have a specific request for the Ministry of Education please email

  • Amit Sehrawat

    Can we get the data set for our project in Data Mining in Unitec?