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Public toilets in New Zealand

Public toilet locations in New Zealand. Ideally the entire country, if not, Wellington and Auckland would provide significant coverage. GeoJSON would be ideal given its easier for consumption in tech usage

Finding toilets is a problem for both locals and tourists. There is currently no support for in google maps leaving many people to try download a variety of apps either made for other countries or providing only very partial coverage in New Zealand. This would improve the general publics satisfaction with public facilities, as well as improving sanitation.

With this data websites and applications could provide a platform for people to find them.

Response from
Ministry of Health

Data does not exist

The following website offers location of public toilets -


  • Vernon Khoo

    I wish to report the defects in the men’s public toilets across the road from the New Zealand Army Museum in Waioru. The urinals are all in a constant state of flush & thousands of gallons of clean water are being wasted each day. Please get a plumber to fix this issue ASAP. Save the Earth!

  • John Wotherspoon

    Are there any toilet facilities at kidnappers cove nz

  • Alastair McKenzie

    The link mentioned above " " doesn't exist

  • Alan R Cooper

    Any chance of a list of public toilets on the state highway network in Otago and Southland please?

  • Umar

    Can management kindly reduces water pressure in toilet opposite to airport countdown. Pressure is like 1000 PSI
    It splash all over and sometimes blocked handwash basins throw uncleaned water all over individuals.
    Pressure regulator will be very helpful.