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NCEA student sample data set

Hello, my name is Yuichiro Fukushima and I am currently in my final year at Nelson college for boys. I would like to make a machine learning program which can predict if he/she will be able to achieve a university entrance based on his/her L1 and L2 result and if not give a possible suggestion what he/she should do to achieve a uni entrance for my science fair project. To do this I need a sample data set of students (preferably more than 500) which shows his/her L1 and L2 and L3 result (which includes a number of achieved, merit and excellence credit ) and possibly his/her sex, subjects taken and school band. I will make this to open code once my science fair finshes so that everyone can benefit from this. I would like that data in excel from or csv.

I believe that opening this data would help students have less confident or worried about their progress.

Response from
Ministry of Education

Data not available for release

HI there We cannot provide the information down to this level of detail. You may find the school leavers section of Education Counts useful Kind Regards, Olivia

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