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Register of earthquake-prone buildings

This is a new register established and managed by MBIE and available on its website. The data it holds can only be extracted in PDF. This data should be available to be extracted in .csv format as well so the data can be manipulated by other users. The file should include all available text data, including region, legal description, seismic rating for location. This is a new database and it is disappointing it hasn't complied with the Open Data Declaration.

The public not being able to readily interrogate the data on earthquake-prone buildings.
I had previously requested that WCC make its EQProne Building List available in .csv or Excel so we could analyse the data. At the WCC refused saying it wasn't possible. However, it has just released a version in Excel and advising us that it will no longer be available on its website.

Providing the public with the ability to interrogate the data and sort by expiry date or heritage status or region. Currently individuals would have to go through the process of scraping the data, which should not be necessary in 2018.

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

Investigating options

The IT providers who created the register for MBIE did make the data available as downloadable CSV format, but this is currently limited to users who can log into the register. This includes council staff who are register users and MBIE staff. They can access this on request and forward it through to the requester in the format of their choosing. MBIE will investigate whether enquiries of this nature should be responded to via council or MBIE.

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