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Public Holidays in CSV/XLXS format

Current there is a Public Holidays Dataset, but only available as PDF. Could this dataset also be made available as CSV or XLSX or potentially another format (REST API JSON) that could be digested by software. We synchronize our internal system with public holidays, and presently its a manual process. Would love to be able to write some software that makes a automated call (perhaps once a year) to update our data

as Above in description

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment


Data is already available for download, as referenced in PDF, at


  • Brent McSharry

    I got tired of trying to get an API to serve public holiday data so I put (a free/non-commercial) one up myself at . Feel free to use if this meets your needs (serves json or text/calendar)

  • Tendai Masamba

    Has this been resolved

  • Russell Schaare (Requester)

    Can confirm .ics file is only valid up until 2018 dates. Not very useful...

  • Herbert Stevenson (Requester)

    I agree with the above comments. I had to complete these steps for this to be exported as a .csv

  • Tai Yu Lin

    The ics in the link provided is only up to 2018. An API would be a better way to provide the data.