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Current New Zealand Radio and Spectrum LIcenses

A kml map showing information on radio and spectrum licenses, based on transmitter location. This data is made publicly available by Radio Spectrum Management from their Register of Radio Frequencies and updated weekly. Example:

Radio Engineers would find it helpful having an up to date graphical representation of radio spectrum usage in New Zealand when crafting new licenses. Also, this would help in analysis of radio interference reports.

Displaying graphically on a topographical map data that is currently in table form.

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment


The Data exists but in a different format. The transmit location data of radio and spectrum licences is publicly available in the Downloads section of the Spectrum Search Lite page on the RSM website This data is in Access 2000 database format. The location data contains latitude and longitude information which can be used in the creation of KML files. A user can therefore use this data to create their own KML file for their own particular purpose.

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