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Driving License Tests Pass, Fail and Retest Rate by Suburb

Listed 25 November 2017 - 11 months ago

A table of the number of passes/fails on restricted/full driving license test broken down by suburb. More importantly, for every pass, the average number of fails with standard deviation prior to the pass.

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There are increasing reports of people with numerous fails before finally achieving a pass in a driving license test. An occasional fail or twice before a pass is acceptable, but more than that is commonly reported.

This indicates a problem with the testing system and disfranchises the vulnerable populations with financial burdens.

Retesting costs over $80 and does not decrease further, causing the person to have additional financial burden. This is problematic for socio-economically marginalized and starters in the workforce getting into meaningful work.

A absurdly high failure rate prior to a pass indicates a stronger incentive to generate revenue more so than to create adequate safe drivers. This is ethically unacceptable for New Zealand.

Discouraging fail rates due to revenue-generating motivations, bring back accountability to driving test standards, and protect financially vulnerable populations from exploitative practices to monopolized services like driving licenses.

Sunny Lam

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