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Rubbish and Recycling Collection Dates

An always up-to-date database that can be used to retrieve the upcoming rubbish and recycling collection dates for a given address. This database should ideally cover all regions within New Zealand.

Allowing third-party software to present rubbish collection dates to a user in ways that are convenient to the user.

Response from
Auckland Council


Dear Sir or Madam Thank you for your request for information regarding rubbish and recycling collection dates for all regions within New Zealand. Please refer to this link for information regarding rubbish and recycling collection dates for the Auckland Region: Please note we are only able to provide you this information for the whole Auckland Region. Please refer to other Regional Councils’s website for rest of New Zealand regions. Please contact us on 09 301 0101 for any further queries relating to this matter. Please note you have the right to request a review of this decision from the Ombudsman. Kind regards The Privacy & LGOIMA team Auckland Council


  • Rosie Judd (Auckland Council) (Auckland Council)

    Hi James

    Thanks for your comment. You might like to take a look at my comment of 19 June on this page that explains the current status of an API for this data - to summarise, we don't currently have an API capability that provides rubbish collection route information and timetables but we are happy to discuss this with you. Paul Carlisle is the best contact for this matter and can be contacted on

    Kind regards
    Rosie Judd
    Auckland Council

  • James Morfee


    I would also be interested in this data. Whilst I'm aware of the webpage linked above the data is not provided in a format that is easily machine readable. I would appreciate an API I could query for rubbish collection dates for a particular property.

    Best regards,


  • Rosie Judd for Paul Carlisle (Head of Business Strategy & Architecture, ICT), Auckland Council (Auckland Council)

    Hi Brett

    Thanks for your comment.

    At present Auckland council does not have an API capability that provides rubbish collection route information and timetables. We have historically provided this information through the website with some limitations as there are actually many exceptions involved.

    A key foundation for rubbish route information is having a consolidated property database that incorporates the lifecycle of properties as they are subdivided as well as tenancy information . The consolidation of our property databases has just completed within our Newcore programme and we have a project in initiation that will pull together the lifecycle view of properties to support our waste management rollout projects.

    We would also need to develop the mapping assets and maintenance processes to support the route information and schedules. We have internal demand for this and we expect that project to be submitted for approval in the next few months although it needs to be prioritised against other high priority initiatives.

    Enabling an API for this information could make sense at that stage and we will suggest that to the Waste Management business unit. This would again need to be prioritised.

    We also need to consider the delivery platform for these APIs and management of the workload the API would need to support. Some of our information can be subject to significant demand and we need to have appropriate capacity management in place.

    So there is some uncertainty about whether this capability will gain approval but we are keen to know which APIs are likely to be of value. It would be good to understand how you would see the API being used so that we could have an understanding of the likely demand pattern for the service . I would appreciate if you could get in touch with me at to help us understand more about the usage to inform our planning .

    Kind regards
    Auckland Council

  • Brett Willis (Requester)

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your response. I have had a look at the link that you sent. While that does provide information that is readable for a human, it is not in a format that is reliably accessible by a third-party computer program.

    What I am after is some sort of programmatically accessible API for retrieving the collection dates. Are you able to make such an API publicly accessible, or share some documentation of such an existing API?

    Best regards,