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Councillor Voting Records for Auckland Council

I would like a computer readable record of the votes made by councillors, since at least the last local-body elections, for each resolution where a vote was taken. Currently these are only available as part of the meeting minutes, and are not easily parsed.

Opening this data would provide for solutions to increase transparency and engagement of voters in local body elections.

Opening this data would allow for council candidates to be tied to their voting records, and allow people (such as myself) to build tools for voters to engage with their local body candidates.

Response from
Auckland Council


Votes recorded in our system are for the purpose of generating meeting minutes only. There is no function within this system for us to be able to export voting data in the way customer has requested.

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  • Parag Bhatnagar (Requester)

    Just checking if this is available now? If not, I'm happy to spend my own personal time to work with Auckland Council in helping to get this data extracted (if it helps?). I work in Business Intelligence and this would be pro-bono.