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Councillor Voting Records for Wellington City Council

I would like a computer readable record of the votes made by councillors, since at least the last local-body elections, for each resolution where a vote was taken. Currently these are only available as part of the meeting minutes, and are not easily parsed.

Opening this data would provide for solutions to increase transparency and engagement of voters in local body elections.

Opening this data would allow for council candidates to be tied to their voting records, and allow people (such as myself) to build tools for voters to engage with their local body candidates.

If this data is made available, I intend to build a website to allow voters to compare their positions to those of candidates.

Response from
Wellington City Council

Data not available for release

Please note that no data set is held outside of individual meeting minutes which record resolutions. The Council has no provision to create this type of data set. The minutes that record all resolutions are available on the Council’s website. Thanks

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  • Chris Smith

    Did you ever build your website?