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Public Access Easements - Crown Forest Licences over Crown lands

There are many Public Access Easements across Crown Forest Licences over Crown lands managed by LINZ. These provide walking and vehicle access to Forest Parks, Conservation Parks, Public Conservation Land and public water bodies, and mountainbiking opportunities, and driving access within the Crown Forest Licences to walk everywhere.

The public and DOC managers do not know where these easements are to plan walking, tramping, mountainbiking, hunting and fishing access. The data needs to be incorporated into DOC recreation mapping and Walking Access Commission mapping and systems so that the public have complete information of where they have driving rights of access. The public would also know where they can drive withing Crown Forest Licences, such that they can better go for a walk within the Crown Forest Licences which they are legally entitled to do, subject to forestry operations restrictions.

Giving everyone the ability to map all public access over these Crown lands.

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