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Tsunami Evacuation Zone GIS Data

Any available GIS data (eg Shapefile or KML) of the Tsunami evacuation zones throughout New Zealand. Can currently only find data for Wellington City and the Manawatu District ( ).

Allow for a greater detail of information to be provided on whether a property falls within an evacuation zone (e.g. )

Response from
Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Different agency responsible

Tsunami evacuation zones and inundation maps are developed by relevant local authorities in collaboration with GNS Science and/or NIWA. These maps have been developed primarily as decision support tools for local authorities and in most cases are not available for public access. Instances where maps have been made public are usually for the purpose of local community engagement. This is an ongoing project as not all areas at risk from tsunami have financed the development of these maps. You will need to contact local authorites directly for this information.

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  • Matt Velde

    Any update to the above comment? A set of these maps would be useful for some government agencies whose property/clients are spread throughout NZ and where it would be useful to know which properties/ clients fall within these zones. Downloading/ sourcing these from individual agencies is possible in some cases but cumbersome. Is this something where Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management could play a coordinating role in getting a combined set available via the LINZ data service/