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Historical public holidays back to 1980

Hi there. It's easy to find out when public holidays were or will be observed, for 2001-2021: Can you please also make available the historical observed dates of public holidays going back to 1980? Surely somebody wrote these down somewhere for employment compliance purposes, and can make them available digitally.

For reporting of historical productivity or financial performance, it is important to know which days people weren't working and banks/sharemarkets were closed.

Currently, there is no discoverable digital source of this information back in time, beyond 2001.

Saving individuals and organisations the effort of asking every regional council the same question, and combing through newspapers for confirmation.

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

Dataset submitted

Data is not held at MBIE for the period required but an algorithm has been created that will generate national and provincial holidays following published rules. This has been used to generate data for the period 1980 - 2020 which is being prepared for release.

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