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New Zealand Fire Service Localities GIS Data (Polygon)

Hello I saw that this person request this data and was successful. I would also like to request this data for the New Plymouth District Council. I'm the GIS Developer at the council and am needing this information for some asset management work. Look forward to your response. Thanks for your time. Shapefile format would be great.

a up to date gis dataset for all localities (LINZ and koordinates have either outdated data or data at a level below or above this level of detail)

having a good baseline dataset that has current up to date information

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  • Stuart Waring (New Zealand Fire Service Commission)

    The New Zealand Fire Service Commission is part of a consortium of agencies which some years ago
    developed a national suburb and localities dataset (NZ Localities) to provide support for
    enhanced Emergency Response, postal addressing and property information.

    The consortium, which includes QVNZ, NZ Post, LINZ, and representatives from territorial local authorities, meet regularly to provide updates and maintenance of the NZ localities dataset. The consortium works closely with territorial local authorities to agree changes and maintenance of the Suburb boundary definitions and naming conventions.

    The NZ Localities dataset is available under license at no cost. To complete the license agreement and receive the data, please contact