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Election Results 2008 - Unicode data

The election results 2008 statistics available here is broken: In all the CSV files available for export, macrons in party and electorate names are broken.

The data is open - I'd just want it to be fixed. Can't be that hard - re-create the CSV exports with a unicode encoding.

Response from
Electoral Commission

Data does not exist

Thanks for your enquiry.

Unfortunately the application used to manage and report on the 2008 general election results was not capable of managing macrons in party, candidate and electorate names.  A trema symbol, which consists of two dots over a letter, was used instead and this is what is reflected in the .csv files available for export on the website. 

Pleae note that the application that will be used for managing and reporting on the 2011 general election results is capable of displaing macrons, so the .csv files available after the 2011 election and for all future elections will display macrons correctly.

Kind Regards

Anthony Pengelly
Manager Electoral Information
Electoral Commission

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