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New Zealand Fire Service Localities GIS Data

Dear New Zealand Fire Service Commission, I am requesting the Localities GIS data from your agency. I would like this data in gis format (shapefile or esri filegeodatabase). The dataset is mentioned on these official New Zealand Government websites if you need clarification as to what data I am requesting:

I look forward to your response. Yours faithfully, Justin

a up to date gis dataset for all localities (LINZ and koordinates have either outdated data or data at a level below or above this level of detail)

having a good baseline dataset that has current up to date information

Response from
New Zealand Fire Service Commission

Dataset submitted

Requester signed supplied Data License Agreement and has subsequently been sent requested data.


  • Jonathan Ball (New Zealand Fire Service Commission)

    Fire and Emergency NZ Localities dataset is now available on the LINZ Data Service for reuse under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 Licence

  • Justin Meyers (Requester)

    Currently there are several datasets available through LINZ, KOORDINATES, and Statistics New Zealand with regard to locations (cities, settlements, localities, suburbs, etc). Many of these datasets have errors, are historic places (no longer used), or are boundaries used more for statistical purposes rather than actual reality. Several address datasets available through LINZ support a locality field, but if you look at the attributes they also are incorrect. If the NZFS has a quality base layer that is up-to-date they should share it. I have been waiting several days to receive a e-mail from them, but I am optimistic!


  • Duncan Garmonsway

    This would mean official statistics could be aggregated into areas that are meaningful to New Zealanders.