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School Term Dates

An API to pull the official date ranges of upcoming school terms from this year into the future. Currently these are available as an iCalendar feed ( however the way it is structured is designed around being human-viewable (appointments for significant dates) rather than for software (date ranges).

Many school websites are being upgraded to the next generation and could benefit from an automated feed of this data. It would also help operational systems for programmes that interact directly with schools.

Response from
Ministry of Education


  • Pauline Cinco

    There are currently no plans in the pipeline to develop an API for school terms and holiday dates.

    School term and holiday dates, and the ical files for these dates can be found here:

  • Jack Morgan

    Any update on this becoming available?

  • Team


    This Data Request was sent to the Ministry of Education on the 16/12/2014 and we are awaiting their response.</p>

    Kind regards</br> Team