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RAPID number database

The RAPID number database contains the mapping of RAPID rural addressing numbers.

Navigating to rural proprerties via GPS can be a challenge.

By releasing the RAPID addressing database (e.g. RAPID number + lat/long) this would enable the data to be included in GPS navigation map sets such as the free

Response from
New Zealand Fire Service Commission

Different agency responsible

The Rural Address Property Identification (RAPID) System is a standard numbering system for rural properties in New Zealand. The source for RAPID numbering is the Territorial Local Authority in which the RAPID address is located. NZ Fire Service Commission is not the source for RAPID numbering and suggests that the data requestee either contact the territorial local authority, or alternatively access the LINZ Landonline bulk data extract (BDE) for RAPID numbers.

By way of Background - The system is based on the distance to a property entrance from a clearly defined reference point, usually the beginning of the road on which it is located. A plate with the allocated RAPID number is attached on to a gatepost or other place at the entrance to the property where it can be easily seen from the road. As RAPID numbers are allocated by Territorial Local Authorities, this information is then sent to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) for inclusion in the Landonline national property database. Emergency Services (including the NZ Fire Service) then have access to this information to enable faster response to incidents at rural properties.

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