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Bulk sale price data for individual houses

Bulk sale price data for all house sales in New Zealand, along with any other supporting data e.g.: method sold (auction/etc), number bedrooms, bathrooms, size sqm, land size etc. This data should be available as a bulk feed/API, supporting historical queries and returning all available data.

Having access and being able to easily find house sale price data for a variety of analysis and visualisations. House purchasers have little access to compare the histories of house sales without paying significant amounts of money.

Other countries have much better access to this data than New Zealand (e.g.: Zillow in the US) for free. This data is part of the public record and allowing bulk access will bring NZ into line with other countries.

giving access to house purchasers, through direct access or publication by any interested party.

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

Different agency responsible

Dear Mr Day

This informatin is held by Quotable Value, as an SOE.

Please contact them in regards to the data you are seeking.


MBIE Ministerial Services

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