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Court decision statistics

Court, Type (civil/criminal), name of judge, start date of hearing, length of hearing, date of release of judgment, length of judgment CSV format, or an open source database format

Lengthy delays in judgments, enable determination of how long court judgments take to release (time between hearing and judgment), enable comparison of judge efficiency, and court efficiency

Allowing everyone to see how fast justice actually works in NZ across all courts, and help me understand if I am right in thinking that most judgments get delivered on a Friday.

Response from
Ministry of Justice

More information required about request

To answer this request, the Ministry of Justice would require some clarification of the information required.  Is the requester seeking this date from all courts, and for what time frames?  I am not at all sure that the Ministry mainintains details on when judgments are releasedor the timelinessof release,but clarification of what is requested would assist.

Thank you.


Mike Hanley

Team Leader Official Correspondence

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